Wednesday, January 28, 2015

iCozzier 6000mAh Brilliant Ultra Slim Dual USB (2.1A / 1.0A Output) Portable Power Bank External Battery Charger for iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy HTC ONE Smartphone Tablets Pc Bluetooth Speakers

iCozzier 6000mAh Portable Power Bank is a wonderfully designed gadget to keep your everyday phone, tablets and others charged! I like that it hasa 6000mAh because for that amount it's pretty fast to charge a old and newer smart phone with no problem. 

The thing with most external batteries are that I love them to be of perfect size for traveling and still pack enough power to keep even the strongest energy using device charged.  
However, for the iCozzier it's just a perfect fit for my two devices, Android and Apple. When I place both together, I still get an even charge every time. One will not be charging at a different rate, but instead have a consistent charge and once one or both are done, the charger will not over charge or cause you to worry when to take them out of the USB Ports. Something that in the pass if you kept any plug in a device that didn't need
anymore charging, would just ruin the device. 

My list of pros for the iCozzier 6000mAh Portable Power Bank:

  • Comes with two USB Ports - charge two devices at once.
  • Slim design - can fit your hands, purse, wallet, pocket, pretty much can travel easily and not bulky at all.
  • Saftey features - no over charging, over heating, short circuiting and over voltage. Pretty much no bad things will come from using this device and forgetting to take your phone or tablet out.
  • 6000mAh - perfect for many devices big and small, new and old. (tablets, mp3 players, phones, and so on)
For outdoors or in, this is a wonderful gadget to own!

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SelfieGeeks - Selfie Stick

The most use of any smart phone is the camera, well for me it is. I find that taking selfie's are one thing I love to do often. Not only is it away to share with my twin sister exactly what I'm wearing or where I'm at, but It also is a great way to remember where you were that day, while traveling or going some place you've never been too. I even use it to snap a portrait photo of the entire family to later print out and scrapbook it.

Adjustable mounting area that allows you to pivot the neck forward or up at this angle.

Though no matter what I do with my phone, the camera is always getting used daily! However, it may not be the best photos when your trying to get your arms or your entire self in the shot, without looking like your holding the phone. Therefore, the Selfie Stick was born! 

Extends a nice distance to snap a clear shot of you and the background or family/friend portrait.
Now I know many have used or heard of these sticks to be good for camera's and phones, and you probably own one or two. However, there are a few differences when it comes to a Monopod stick, such as the Selfie Stick.

Just attach into the Audio Port and your ready to snap photos!
I am very much in love with the selfie stick by SelfieGeeks because it works great taking photos, when I have no one to hold the phone for me and to avoid the arms off to the side or a blurry image. The only thing is that most sticks require a shutter remote button, or some don't have anything and you need to set the timer and just hope you get it positioned in the right area in time. Now that isn't fun, or easy to do. Plus, if you don't have the remote, it can also be a problem.
Example phone to show that it fits perfectly into the Audio Port.

So that is why I have found the Selfie Stick to be a HUGE FAVE of mine! It  doesn't use batteries, like a remote would need to use to snap the photo. Instead, you get a portable, light weight pole with a comfortable handle to grip and a simple plug and play design that allows you to snap photos with the audio port connection to the phone. 
Plus, no more downloading an extra app to get to use this Seflie Stick, which most devices need you to get a special app to use for every different stick you buy. 

Now the setup is really easy and it doesn't take much time at all! You just attach it the way you want your phone faced, and attach the coiled cord to the audio port of your smart phone. By the way, it does work with iPhone  5  and a few Android devices as well.

Button can be found on the pole, no reaching or snapping the picture with a remote in your other hand.
 After your all set up, all you have to do is get the pole to the distance you want and one press of the button which is on the stick's handle, your ready to start shooting.  Now that is simple and easy! No more difficulty with juggling with a remote in one hand and a pole in another. All I can say is that the SelfieGeeks are making something here that takes a product that was meant to be useful and helpful to making it even easier than the competitors out there!  Also, the quality is of course highest standards, they want you to own this for a long time, not be used for a few times before it becomes obsolete and a gadget you'll store in the closet. No way, this will become anything like that!

So if your interested for yourself or a friend/family member you can find the Selfie Stick in a few colors like pink( I have), blue, and black. Finally, I find this to be the far most easiest of all the monopod's I owned to handle, and most useful as well! 

You can learn more and keep in touch with the SelfieGeeks - Selfie Stick below:


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IBSound Vintage Flower Casual Lightweight Canvas Backpack - Travel School College Shoulder Bag / Bookbags / Daypack

I just love IBSound they have the greatest Backpacks! Not for the design, which I Love by the way, but for the quality of bag itself.

It really holds a lot, can be carried and not cause strain on your shoulders. It really doesn't come better than that! I use to buy those backpacks from a regular store and always struggle with shoulder pain or having a problem with it tearing around the sides. However, I never had any problem with this brand of bag. IBSound has the most lovely designs and comfort. I can hold my electronic devices, my books, and just about anything in this bag!

Draw string  closure on top.
Plus, it's useful not only for going to work or school, but you can use it to travel to the beach, take it on a picnic, or just about any place you want. 

Inside view, nice 

I find it to be not only stylish for what ever I'm wearing because the brown, black, and white matches pretty much anything, but because I can use it for anything as well.

Wonderful bag!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Syllable G600 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphone Earphone Deep Bass Built-in Mic / 40mm Speaker

If your looking for a great Bluetooth Headset without the wires, discomfort around the ears and something you can talk through, than this is a wonderful product to take a look at!  I myself can't believe how well the Syllable G600 fits around my ears and I don't feel like they crush them or squeeze them in so much discomfort like most headsets.

Left earphone  
Right headphone

The battery also lasts so much longer than most Headsets, which is great for many who don't like to recharge after 4 hours or less. You have a full 12 hours of listening to music before going

to recharge the device. However, you can connect the Audio Cables to your old stereo or which ever device your using and still continue to play your music without losing the sound. So really no matter what you use this with, even if it isn't Bluetooth the product sends you pure, crystal clear sound from the way it is coming out of your device.

Red light on indicates charging, when plugged into the USB Port!

A few things that I love:

  • Size- very comfortable to wear and lay back in. Also, stays well on your head without falling off while moving around.
  • Design- unique and different than many with the square ends and bold colors of the black with red or pure white with red. I have the white and red, which are beautiful!
  • Use- Easy to setup with many different systems and the buttons on the side help from choosing music and receiving calls. Makes it easier to control everything than just from the main device. Plus, long lasting battery that doesn't need to be recharged so fast.
  • Sound - Plays very clear, and volume can be adjusted easily on the headset as well as taking calls.

I think for a high quality product, with a sleek design, and comfort for your ears and use of the product, than a Syllable is perfect! I myself, would take in account for the price they offer on this headphone verse others, you're really getting a bargain. 

I really can now play music, videos or whatever I want through these headphones and not once have to get up to change volume or switch between songs. I even can now use them to take calls from my phone, so no need to take them off to speak.

It really is an awesome headset, and what I love most is that it's easy to pair with your device and even able to use with some older devices as well.

Video Review:

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Amber Crown - Amber Teething Necklaces for Babies

I have below 3 beautiful necklaces from AMBER CROWN. They are so perfect for teething for your child. Since, Amber is known to have healthy benefits to keep your child from pain while teething and reduce drooling by the way it stimulates the thyroid gland. 
My reviews and the three are listed below.

This is a lovely natural looking Amber necklace. It has a clear look of Amber, with a natural green tint through out. I love how each pieces of the necklace is all naturally shaped and polished smooth.

The golden Honey and Amber color reminds me of sweetness for the neck. It is so golden in color and of course they are all clear beads, but well polished. I love that you can even notice on each of these necklaces that knots in between keeping them from breaking apart. 
However, if it does happen the knots between each bead keeps them from all breaking off( less mess). 

I remember having a few necklaces and bracelets my mom made that broke and the seed beads would be all over. 

I love this as much as the other three. It's color is mix of different colors that are so bright and sunny and natural. Almost like a sweet candy necklace of Amber. 

I think anyone of these are really lovely. They all are created the same with the knot, but the only difference is the beads color. It's a perfect 12.5 inch to fit a babies neck easily.
I think if your like me and want the best for your child, I feel the AMBER CROWN brand is a great choice and one of my number one picks for Amber Teething Necklaces!

Video Review:

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Putee Silicone Coin Purse and Embosser Tool

The Putee Silicone Macarons Shape Coin Purse is a lovely treat! The shape is of course, that of a macaroon, but what makes it a perfect change purse is that I can fit all my coins from pennies to half dollars and so on! The size is a perfect adult size palm  or close fist. It really can hold 
a great deal amount of change and still some cash, folded in half of course!

However, it's silicone style makes it easy to clean and keeps the change from ever sticking or becoming hard to take out, when paying for something. Also, no way it will get drenched and ruin anything inside, because the silicone makes it waterproof.

I really love this product! It's truly beautiful and fashionable for adults and children.

Great design and great product!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

These letters fit perfectly into the bar which you just simply slide them in from the side.
I can make so many words and even add numbers, maybe for a special occasion or New Years add 2015 to each cookie for a party celebration.

The product is very easy to use and so fun to make embossed words and numbers on delicious treats and meals. I find that I can even use these with ease in crafting.
Now my clay or molds can have embossed words or sayings, like LOVE on a heart shape clay piece can be a great gift for Valentines.

So many things can be done with this Alphabet and Number Tool by Putee. Love it!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts -100% Pure

I have to say that sea salt is great on food, but to use in other things like homemade facial scrubs is also a wonderful thing! Not only does it take off dead skin, but it makes it super soft.

I love using the Dead Sea Salt by Adovia on my entire body. I make a nice mixture of olive oil and Dead Sea Salt to create this type of scrub for the entire body. It works to clean my dead skin off easily and for the most of the time, I use just the sea salt on my face with some other facial wash that works for deep cleaning, so it becomes an exfoliant scrub.

I so far say that product comes in perfect condition, nice large crystals and that is perfect for scrubs. I know that dead sea salt is really good for you and I have to say compared to a regular Epsom salt, your getting more mineral power to treat your body with.
Plus the benefit for easing Psoriasis, Eczema and Arthritis, which Is great! 

A wonderful, honest product I can trust to use daily and not hurt or harm my skin any chance with every use!

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