Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mpow® Bluetooth Portable Indoor Outdoor Sport Water-resistant Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

The Mpow Bluetooth Portable Indoor or Outdoor Speaker is great for any time of the day, even in the rain. What makes it different is that you can listen to the music and not fear the down pour of rain ruining the speaker. Unfortunately, most Bluetooth speakers will provide you with
great sound and claim to be water proof, but than you read the manual and it's like to a certain point. Mainly they are waterproof if you splash a little or it gets maybe drizzled on, but what about real amount of soaking. I mean if it down pours or it falls in the water is the product totally destroyed?

Top of the speaker

Well than that is why I like Mpow's Water-resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It is made to last through horrible weather, keep you charged up when the power in the entire house is down and provide you with crystal clear sound. However, I never really super soaked my speaker intentionally, but when I accidentally got caught in the rain, the water just dripped off and not even the sound or speaker short circuit!

AUX Cable and USB Port

I think this is my only real speaker that didn't claim water proof and end up being still unable to get soaked in water. Plus, my first one to have an extra special external battery of 1000mAh to charge your phone up. So in the entire product, you've got a back up battery, a well designed product for outdoors and indoor use, and a battery which will last close to a half day without requiring recharging. 

External Battery Entrance

Really great product, a true entertainment and emergency product to own!

If you would like to purchase or find out more, please take  a look at the link below:

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

InnoGear® Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter and Telescopic Tripod Self Portrait Bluetooth Monopod Hand Grip

The InnoGear Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter and Telescopic Tripod Self Portrait is a beautiful item to own. I really never knew how lovely it was till I opened the package. 
See I was searching for something that could raise my cell phone, when taking photos and also able to take great selfies. However, some things are hard to find that give you a full shot, plus have the clicking button to actually snap it in your hands.

Everything included in this kit
Smart Phone Mount

Telescopic Monopod, takes great selfie portrait shots
Knowing from experience, one I owned before just helped it out to a distance, but you had to set the timer to get it to take a photo. However, that all changed with this lovely product!

Tripod attachment

The Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter, allows me to snap a shot when I'm ready. By the way, it is with my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone. I really am impressed with the quality from a distance and it does go far, which is great for portrait shots with you and few friends/family members.  

The ability to switch it to a tripod, something I also wanted in a product is also wonderful. I couldn't find something sturdy and multi-useful such as this product. No more need for two different products because this covers my selfie and tripod issue.

USB Slot for the cord that comes with to allow for downloading saved files, photos and videos.

If you are looking for a new innovative way to capture a moment and shoot videos, than this is a wonderful product to own or even gift!

I truly love using it for all my photo and video captures. Very useful indeed!

You can purchase this product at the link below:

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Hayley Cherie Beautiful White Wedding Card Box

The Beautiful White Wedding Card Box is really something special! I always remember when at a friend's wedding, how they would have this white box placed upon the entrance table.
It would sit there and everyone would be asked to write down something they want to say to the bride. It was different than anything I remember at weddings, but it was really lovely.

Now for anyone, who has a friends upcoming wedding or maybe a baby shower I think would find this to be a perfect fit! I actually came to the idea of using it for a friend of mine who just had a baby. I never seen one quite as nice as this in the stores. However, if I don't have to afford gas, with all the high prices and the price of a box being over 30 dollars, I rather purchase it and have it delivered.

The box comes in a perfect square, with a lovely solid white and decorative design all over. It reminds me of the Fleur-de-lis ( lily the french flower). Than on top is a ribbon, which will face the guess as they place the cards into the box. The box does have a nice large slot and enough room to place many cards into the box. 

I really think this will bring joy to my friends baby shower, as we all will place a card into the box and write something special to the mommy to be.  You really can use it in so many ways, but this just seems to be one way my friends and family would use a box like this, during any party. Afterwards, it becomes a nice memory box for that lucky person, or yourself to keep and enjoy.

I really love the size, the style for many occasions and it's durable and strong paper used to create the box. It's very elegant and just fits perfectly for any wonderful party.

Great product!

If you would love to purchase this product or learn more about the Beautiful White Card Box, please take a look at the link below:

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IBSound iGearPro USB Flash Drive Digital Audio Recorder

The iGearPro USB Flash Drive and Audio Recorder is really a wonderful product for recording lessons, spying and even keeping down important info to remember to do later.
What I love most is that there is no need to download a disc to your computer to use. It's just like those games, plug and play. 


I find that the charge can keep pretty long verse another brand I've gotten off another site. Also the amount of room you can store on the device is pretty good too, 4 GB.

Record on and off button, microphone and reset located on the side.

The one feature I never had on any recorder would be the voice activation. I think that makes this a little bit more luxurious and fun to use. I don't have to press buttons anymore, just

let my voice do the work. Totally another reason the world is evolving in techy products, making life simpler and easier to do things. 

I really do like this product and find it very useful for my studies and remembering things.

If you would like to purchase this product, please take a look at the link below:

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Disclosure "I was given the product free in exchange for an honest review"

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just A Trace Reusable StencilsRa

Today, I have for you a variety of stencils by a company named Just A Trace. It's something any scrapbook, crafter, DIY, and many other projects could use. These all are interesting and provide great looks to the object your decorating. The ones below are just a few of the marvelous designs you could purchase from Just A Trace. I also included an example of the design drawn on a piece of paper, so you can see how they would look if traced.

1.  Just A Trace Mamma Giraffe Pattern Stencil

The Mamma Giraffe Pattern Stencil is a nice decorative design that gives any piece of paper or object a edgy and safari look. The detail is perfect and you can tell by the image it is a giraffe's skin pattern. The size I have is the 2 inch and it's perfect for giving small objects as well as large ones a lovely giraffe design. I actually been practicing it with many different size pieces of paper and find it to be so easy to use.

The pattern is so easy to use. You can easily move the stencil to the right or left from where you placed the pattern and overlap it with the last row of shapes. That is how you get it even and perfectly to cover the entire object with the right spacing.

When you can use this over and over, the fun really never has to end. Think of all the possibilities and items you can decorate and gift to others. I am having a blast with the giraffe design! Its really a lovely stencil and makes me just want to go and be creative with the design!

You can find this beauty at the link below:

The Ornament Stencil is perfect for giving you a design you can add to decorative pieces of appear an make some fun round, diamond or any shape ornaments to your tree. However, you can use this in so many other ways as well.

Flipped for a different design.

I find it to be useful on small size pieces of paper, like heart shapes or round shapes and creating fun decorative ornaments by placing a small hole on top and adding a string or even as a decorative design to my scrapbook.

I love the look and you can even switch it either side ways or up and down and have a different look on any design your creating.

Here is where you can find this lovely design:

You will enjoy this Rain Stencil and I can tell you I do! The reason being that its one stencil you can trace on the object your decorating and than after it drys or when ready you can apple the same stencil and overlap the big rain drops with the smaller ones and have a two layer look with a use of different colors. It is something fun, creative, and very interesting. It really gives a 3D look to the object your using it onto. I can make a lovely card design and make a realistic look of rain with a overlapping and mix of different sizes.

Rain 2 layer ( 2 sheets that overlap)

It is really a great pattern, one I never seen in the stores. However, this one is something to make decorating with a rain look easier and realistic! You don't have to be an artist to get the look of real rain drops with this stencil.

If you would like to try the Rain (Two Layers) Stencil, please follow the link below:

4.Just A Trace Camille Art Deco Pattern Stencil

The Camille Stencil is a beautiful pattern. Reminds me of either water splatter or leaves. I think it works in so many ways to decorate a piece of paper, for a card, or a delightful design on 
maybe even decorate the doors or walls in the house. It really can be used in so many ways and is easy to use and created a large or small amount of this pattern in the object your using it with.

flip it for a different design

I find it to be a great way to decorate a scrapbook page, to add design to some DIY objects and even make cards for a special occasion with.

I really love the design, durability and the best part I can use it as often as I like.

You can find this design at the link below:

Finally, if your looking for a high quality stenciling product that won't last one time and can be used all over the house, than check out for all your decorating needs!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Pro Bow the Hand Bow Maker

The Pro Bow the Hand Bow Maker is a wonderful teaching tool, for perfect bows every time. I really can't believe I never knew of such an easier way to add bows to a present and not use those pre-made holiday bows. Instead, the idea of creating something yourself and making it spectacular is always something I like to do!

The Pro Bow is well created to last for years with proper use. I actually came upon this product in search of making professional bows by myself. However, using the step by step online instructions from other sites with your hands, never worked for me. They all just came undone and looked sloppy!

Comes with a free spool holder for your Lace

When I began using the Hand Bow Maker, I notice that because of the pegs keeping the loops in place, I was able to easily assemble a bow in like no time at all!  I could make huge bows, smaller bows, and just about any color bows I like. 

The fun thing about this is that, I can impress anyone! Ever see someone buy a bouquet of flowers with those lovely huge bows, or place a giant bow on a stuffed toy. Well now, I can do just that and feel like a pro anytime I want. I will have to give Pro Bow The Hand Bow Maker the  credit for my excellent bows, but if no one asks I'll just let them 

be impressed by my skills.

I love this product and am so glad to have found it! Just wish I knew about it earlier. Nothing came apart, everything is easy to assemble and I have Christmas, Birthday, and so many more bows easily homemade in minutes!

Practice makes perfect

Great product! Highly Recommend for beginners like me and anyone who wants a faster way to impress the family with a beautiful bow topped present.

Here is a link to a wonderful detailed video about the Pro Bow Hand Bow Maker. You will learn how to use the product and what beautiful results you'll get.

If you would like to purchase this product, please take a look at the link below:

You can also find them at this link below and see the wonderful bows that can be made:



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