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PraxxisPro Basilleus Executive Desk Stapler + Aria Mini Floral Print Staplers

Below, there are two PraxxisPro staplers, mini and large for offices and professional offices. 

I think that having a great stapler means more than using one that doesn't even get a staple through a few pages. therefore, the product by PraxxisPro, the Basilleus Desk Stapler is really something! I am proud to say, I tested it through a bunch of pages I had to type up, about 30 and had no problems. I do think that if I did 40 it would of been fine as well, and possibly soon will do so!

Features I love about this Basilleus Desk Stapler by PraxxisPro:
  • Size - Very nice in size, that it can make it comfortable for you to press down and put a staple into multiple pages, without to much pressure. I think the length is close to 6 inches.
  • Design - Very sleek style, with goes well for any home or office. I love that the top is very smooth and comfortable to press on, while the bottom stands tall and sturdy. I find I love to use it in the air and staple the pages, but you can always use it as a desk stapler.
  • Color - Very neutral for office and home, but has a nice style that makes it look like it deserves to be placed on a desk to be seen.
  • Easy installing of Staples - Staples are simple to install in this device and pretty much makes it great for anyone to use.
Silver button on the back, opens the staple holder.

Finally, I love the design, style and ease of use! I would highly recommend this to anyone, very nice Stapler.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

The Mini stapler Set is a really adorable and still high quality set! I love that they work really well placing a staple through multiple sheets of paper and even have that built in remover. This is actually a really nice gift to someone or just fun to have in any home or office. 
Definitely don't let the size fool you, because they really do a wonderful job!

Features I love:

  • Design - The floral print is excellent, but what I love is that it has a staple remover built in. Also, the size is perfect for small hands and easy to handle in large hands as well. 
  • Easy Installation of Staples - Not difficult to place the staples into the stapler 
  • Comfortable To Handle - Very easy to handle and doesn't cause stress to your hand to press down on them.
  • New Approach To Staplers - Instead of your same mini stapler, which could be cheap or not as great for getting so many pages in one. I am very pleased how these can go through so many pages, 18 tops and not have a problem with jamming. 
  • Included Staples - You really can use right from the box, as staples come included!

Finally, for a gift, or just for your home/office this is just excellent and so beautiful! I am very pleased and enjoy the look to these staplers, very well worth the price for it's quality and style.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

You can find more wonderful staplers and more things by visiting PraxxisPro's website below:

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24qt 4 Pack Black, Blue, Red, & Green Milk Crates by Farmplast,LLC.

The 24qt 4 Pack Milk Crates can come in handy, as they keep things separated. I actually got an idea with the crates when my closet shelving started to fall apart. So when I seen these I was excited about the size, height and easy way to store items, while viewing the contents inside.

Features I love about the Milk Crates:

  • Color - Organize in color and keep track what is in each crate.
  • Size - Perfect for large and small items.
  • Stackable - I can easily stack these upon each other and have them not fall down.
  • Durable - Very well made, not going to fall apart easily

Craft Supplies Before => Disaster
Craft Supplies After => So Much Neater and Organized
Finally, if your looking for a new way to stack up your items, store them in a nice place or even use these for gardening, than this is a great deal. The sizes are excellent and the colors are also perfect!

I highly recommend these crates by Farmplast, LLC.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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E-best Rechargable Mini Slimming Massager Belt,fat Burner Waist Massager Belt

The E-best Rechargable Mini Slimming Massager Belt is an excellent way to get a deep massage and reduce fat cells around the body. In the long run, it's hard to just massage an area with the same speed and pulses you get with the E-best Belt. I think that is the key for this to work so well!

Since, the belt is made to send high frequency pulses to a certain area, plus with the infrared light it'll cause the body's blood to circulate, helps detox the body of toxins, reduces pain, increase weight loss, and help with increasing healthier looking skin. Some of those are extra benefits, but mainly it's an excellent way to increase weight loss in certain areas.

Features I love about the E-best Slimming Massager Belt:
  • Super High Frequency - It's hard to find one with a high amount of frequency, when most comes with less than 3500. However, that is a good amount frequency pulses to increase and quickly cause the body to improve faster. This is happening because it helps circulate oxygen through out the worked area, detoxifying the toxins and fat, and rejuvenate the body.
  • Infrared - Causes the body to burn more fat, by liquefying it and actually helps burn calories. They use this in Saunas, which is when you sweat it's causing you to burn off those fat cells. So with this included on the belt, your getting a targeting on your stubborn areas that just seem to pile on fat easily.
  • Size - The device isn't super huge or heavy to wear. However, I like to use it when watching TV or listening to the radio. So I'm mostly sitting while wearing the device.
  • 10 Mins Max - It will automatically shut off after 10 minutes, leaving you less to do in remembering to shut it down. Plus, 10 minutes is good enough for burning fat in an area. However, you can always set it back on and work the area again later. 
  • Rechargeable - Saves you money from buying batteries and allows you to get the same speed and frequency as you were given the first time you used the product. 
  • Travel Friendly - Has everything with the product and just open the box and begin using. So you can really take everything with you and burn fat on vacation or while working. 
  • User Friendly - Very easy to operate and not hard to understand the directions. Basically, I feel it was easy to set up and begin using the first day it came.
  • Easy Weight Loss - Burn fat off fast, nothing else too it!

Finally, I think the benefits are high for something like this, the frequency is hard to find at such a high amount and I feel hopeful that with long term use I'll have burn the stubborn fat cells beneath my skin. However, with the amount of time I spent with the device, I already see improvement in my muscle pain and my skin feels softer and firmer. However, I think I can really feel some changes that are positive with using the device. Therefore, I will enjoy to see the benefits of losing weight and firming up even more with the long term use of this belt. 

So I would recommend this because I already know massage helps out a lot, but when you can get an intense massage with infrared and burn the fat off easily, it really must be a winner!

Video Review

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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“I received this product free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.”

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